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-Pablo Picasso

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Recommended Art Supply List for Creating at Home

Below are some basic supplies and inspiration that we use in our workshops.  


* Check out our Personal Painting Practice Starter KitInspiration Boxes that have everything you need in one convenient creative DIY kit!


Acrylic Paints

Start with basic primary colors:  Titanium White, Mars Black, Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Ultramarine Blue. 


Here some additional colors that we recommend having on hand.

Phthalo Green, Cerulean Blue, Magenta, Payne’s Grey, Bright Aqua Green, & METALLIC GOLD (and any other metallics or fluorescents you like).

You can order online from Blick,  their Studio Acrylics are great, or Arteza, I love their metallics.  We also like Liquitex Basics.

Brushes - assorted sizes

You'll want brushes for acrylic paints (stiffer than watercolor and not as stiff as oil paint brushes). You can order from Blick, they have many affordable options.


12x18 or larger stretched canvas (we love to work on un-stretched canvas too).  You can also work on any size art journal or mixed media paper)


Additional Supplies to have handy

  • palette (paper plate or meat tray)
  • container of water to clean brushes

  • rags or paper towel



  • Stencils, stamps, gel prints, sponges, bubble wrap, empty paper towel roll (for texture)

  • spray bottle with water


Inner Balance Trainer

Artist Starter Kit

Stencils by Gelli Arts® (ideal for Gel Printing)

Elephant Postcards

Rise Above Book

ARTual Sacred Symbols Stencils by Whitney Freya

Sacred Intentions Bundle

Visible Image Stamp Sets

heARTflow Creative Stencils

Creative Inspiration Kit

Visible Image Stencils

Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates & Accessories

Some of my Favorite Items to Inspire Creativity

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