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Intentionally live the life of your dreams,

letting your intuitive heART lead the way.

Meet Jina

Your heARTflow Coach

Starting a personal creative "practice" was the first step in discovering my true purpose and being open to any possibility I could ever imagine. 


By adding heart coherence techniques to my practice, I've learned to align with my heart's intuitive guidance and shed what no longer serves my highest vision of the life I am intentionally creating.


I've developed a process that combines HEART with ART to shift into a coherent state of FLOW and I'd love to share this proven process of self discovery and personal transformation with you!

With over 15 years experience as a Life Coach & Business Consultant, I have helped hundreds of Creatives,  heART-centered entrepreneurs and business owners, achieve their goals and up-level their game.


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Create your highest expression possible

and realize limitless possibilities by shifting into a coherent state of FLOW, aligning your heART, thoughts and emotions to live a balanced and harmonious life.