Inspiration Boxes

“Creative thinking inspires ideas.

Ideas inspire change.”

–Barbara Januszkiewicz

Welcome to heARTflow Creative Inspiration

The “heARTflow” process moves you out of your mind and into your heART, giving you the confidence to follow your intuition and jump-start your own creative practice. Experience an awakened sense of clarity as you tap into your creativity.  Intentionally live the life of your dreams, letting your intuitive heART lead the way.

Each Inspiration Box includes all of the materials needed to complete a unique creative project in the comfort of your home and includes bonus themed items along with step-by-step tutorial videos.


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heARTflow Circle 
Monthly Membership - $49/mo.


Circle members receive:

-Monthly Inspiration Box subscription

-Priority shipping of each new monthly box  

-Access to our exclusive heARTflow Circle online community

-Two LIVE monthly group calls

  • New Moon Sacred Intentions 

  • Full Moon Manifestation heARTual

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Mystic Moon
Intention Flags - $55


Explore modern day Moon Rituals, including a Sacred Intentions heARTual (heart + ART+ritual), and learn to Manifest with the Moon.

Includes step-by-step tutorial videos and all of the materials needed to make your own set of Moon themed "Intention Flags".

Also available in multi-pack "party boxes"

Revised -Magic Circles - 21 days of mand
Magic Circles
21 Days of Mandalas - $55 Introductory ($110 after 4/1/21)


The meaning of the word mandala in Sanskrit is circle. Mandalas have been used throughout many ancient traditions, and Carl Jung's extensive studies found  symbolic meanings in them, associating them with psychological and spiritual health. 

Explore the meditative benefits of mandala making with 21 daily prompts to inspire your creativity.

Includes step-by-step tutorial videos and everything  you need to start your own daily mandala practice.

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Energy Wheels
Chakra Banner - $55


Learn about characteristics of each chakra and what you can do to bring your body, mind, and spirit into harmony along with a Sacred Affirmations heARTual (heart + ART+ ritual).

Includes step-by-step tutorial videos and everything  you need to make a Chakra themed banner with your own personal affirmations.


Also available in multi-pack "party boxes"