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Mystic Moon Intention Flags


$55 (includes supplies & materials)



About the Course

heARTflow Creative Inspiration Box: Mystic Moon Intention Flags

Self discovery and insight reveal wonderful surprises as heARTflow Coach, Jina Daniels guides you through the creative process of working with the moon cycles and creating your own set of Moon themed "Intention Flags".

Explore modern day Moon Rituals, including a Sacred Intentions heARTual (heart + ART+ritual), and learn how to manifest with the moon.

Course includes step-by-step tutorial videos and all of the materials needed to complete this project.

Upon enrollment, your Inspiration Box will be shipped directly to you.

​Also available in multi-pack "party boxes"

Your Instructor

Jina Daniels

Jina Daniels

Jina Daniels is a Life Artist passionate about sharing the process of self discovery and personal transformation through Creativity, Reiki, Yoga and Heart Coherence techniques. She is the founder of heARTflow Creative, co-founder of Jax-Zen Healing Arts Center, The CommUnity Canvas Art Studio & Kidi-Zen Art Camps located in Jackson Mississippi’s Midtown Arts District.

* Certified Master Practitioner and Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan tradition
* Certified Reiki Mississippi™ Professional Practitioner
* Certified Creatively Fit Coach
* HeartMath® Certified Practitioner
* Coherence Hotspot Leader
* Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200)
* Artist Fellow, Live.Impact.Create

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